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Outline of Marine Information Research Center

1. Task of MIRC

Recently, exploitation and utilization of ocean or ocean space become more and more active. In addition, the understandings of the structure and variability of the ocean are urgent for the climate system of the earth. Thus, the requirement for the oceanic data and information of high reliability and of high quality is increasing rapidly. Also, the enlightening and popularization of the ocean knowledge are essential to keep good oceanic environment and to make sustainable exploitation and utilization of the oceans. Researches of the oceans and relating data management businesses require intimate international cooperation, and we need to active research activities of the developing countries and to help to train experts of data management.

Under these circumstances, the MIRC was established in the Japan Hydrographic Association under the financial support of the Nippon Foundation. MIRC will conduct high grade quality control to the oceanic data compiled by JODC, and produce useful data products for users of various fields. Speedy distribution of necessary data set and of data products is also the task of MIRC. MIRC keeps experts and technical staffs and computer and communication facilities to conduct these businesses. Besides, MIRC will work for enlightening and popularization of the ocean knowledge for general publics using its data products. To serve the studies on the global environmental data exchange systems, MIRC produces the necessary global data set of high quality.

Flowchart of Task of MIRC

2. Cooperation with JODC

The Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC) is systematic oceanographic data bank in Japan, and is one of the nodes of the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Program (IODE) promoted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO). JODC is working as interface of the international data and information exchanges for the Japanese oceanographers. The cooperation with JODC is essential for MIRC, and we have no intention to disturb any activities of JODC. MIRC will help JODC by producing the various data products. The users of JODC will receive benefit also from MIRC by receiving data products much more suitable for their special needs. The staffs of MIRC and JODC will conduct various joint-studies on data management problems. For this purpose, a task team was already established in JODC.

3. Outline of MIRC Activities

Establishment of Distribution System for Data and Data Products

MIRC will create the data base by using the data files in JODC, make high-level quality control, produce various data products and distribute them speedily through the Internet. In order to respond quickly to newly generated needs of marine data and information. MIRC will conduct basic investigations on data management problems and produce desirable data products. MIRC will join actively to cooperative projects with domestic and overseas investigators.

Data Items to be handled

All items shown below, which are handled by JODC, are the data items to be handled by MIRC. Besides, MIRC will investigate the other items according to development of new instruments and techniques, and to increasing needs of users. MIRC will develop new data management systems and create new data set.
  • temperature, salinity etc.
  • oceanic currents
  • tides and tidal currents
  • waves and swells
  • bathymetry, geological information etc.
  • marine pollution
  • marine biology

Enlightening and Popularization

By using data and information, popularization of scientific knowledge on the oceanic structures, on the role of the ocean in earth's climate system etc. is the one of our tasks. Service Division is set in MIRC for this purpose. MIRC will publish books to enlighten the role of the oceans for human being, and design educational materials relating to oceans.

International Cooperation

MIRC will work internationally on data collection, quality control and other data management issues. MIRC will positively join international projects relating oceanographic data management.

4. Construction of MIRC

The following three section are set in MIRC:
Research Division
to make investigation and development of data set and data management systems.
Planning Division
to conduct general management, planning, accounting and window of international affairs.
Service Division
to conduct consulting business and distribution of data set and data products for general users, publication and other services.
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